Our Latest Gem..

Doves View is the latest addition to the Doves family of nurseries. Located on Park View within the village of Moulton, this delightful setting offers lots of space both inside and out, which provide us to create lots of enrichment for our nursery children

We’re located just on the main entrance into the village and have substantial parking that makes dropping off an collecting incredibly easy

Studies have show that outdoor based learning has significant benefits both physically and developmentally

We have therefore extended our ‘classroom’ to the outdoors into our secure and well maintained garden area, providing additional interactive contextual learning through play experiences.

We encourage learning through exploring and have adopted some of the industries leading practices to help promote this curiosity based approach

Our Animal Friends

We’re incredibly lucky to have enough space to accommodate an outdoor animal enclosure, which is home to Wispa who visits us regulalry.

Our children have the opportunity to learn and interact with our animals in a safe and controlled environment, learning how to care for them and occasionally giving them a bit of TLC by helping our groom to give them a brush.

Wispa has been a part of the nursery family for over 17 years and thoroughly enjoys the regular visits she has and continues to receive from our children. Some of our smaller children sometimes have the opportunity for a little pony ride when we run our animal focused clubs during the holiday period.